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Urban Villages of Bandung

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“The image of Bandung city cannot be separated from the existence of its urban villages with their distinctive forms, spatial arrangements, and architectural characteristics. The influence of these urban villages in shaping the image of Bandung is due to every form of city development directly affecting the occurrence of a morphological transformation process of the long-existing urban villages and the emergence of new ones. The imbalance in the speed of development between planned built-up areas and the spontaneous-natural development process that always follows has shaped the dual character and face of Bandung city, where one of its faces is distinctly marked by the presence of urban villages.
This book is compiled to enrich the knowledge regarding urban settlement environments in Indonesia, especially the informal urban settlements commonly referred to as urban villages. It focuses on and discusses the existence of urban villages in the history of Bandung’s urban development. As known from books that review the history and architecture of Bandung city, the focus on urban villages, including their existence, the communities within them, and their crucial role for Bandung, is still very rare. The presence of this book is hoped to fill this void.”

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