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Oceanographic Characters and Plankton Resources of Indonesia

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To this date there is no book as this book that can be used as a reference book for a basic Indonesian seas characters and plankton resources studies (both phytoplankton and zooplankton) especially in a tropical seas. It is important to revealed and concern the oceanographic characters of Indonesian seas, where there is can be categorized as a shallow (less than 100 m depth) and deep (more than 100 m depth) ocean and its relationship to the occurrence, variety, diversity, spatial distribution, abundance to plankton resources. Another point is that every part of the Indonesian seas has its own oceanographic characters and unique ecosystem conditions. It is interesting to study the occurrence of plankton which can still survive in a very high salinity (up to 200 ‰) condition such as in the salt making ponds. As well as plankton surviving in the polluted coastal zone, in the brackish water shrimp ponds, in estuary, delta, in a lagoon environment, and plankton in the stomach of pelagic fish.
The book had exclusively explore and shows the oceanographic characters in the shallow and the deep seas, and it’s correlations to the occurrence, abundance, dominant species, seasonal variations, and diversity of the plankton resources. Photomicrograph of each plankton genera was provided in a large format to make it easy for student and researchers to explore the morphology, microstructure, or its external silicius structure of plankton cells to more detail, such as the toxic Dynoflagelate.