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Organizing Essay Writing for Academic Purposes; A Process Approach

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This book entitled “Organizing Essay Writing for Academic Purposes: A Process Approach seeks to promote the study of composition in the English curriculum. It takes a practical approach which gives weight not only to analytic skills but also to the integration of English grammar with other linguistic skills such as composition and comprehension. Once grasped, those concepts should enable students not merely to give structure to their writing, but also to give structure that is appropriate to specific readers and to a definite rhetorical purpose in each writing situation. The approach of each chapter is direct and realistic. It supplies students with varied resources for organizing essay, but not with a confusing excess of option.
The main concentration of this book is on “The Writer’s Process.” The process view of writing sees it as thinking, as discovery. Writing is, indeed, the result of employing strategies to manage the composing process, which is one of gradually developing of a text. It involves a number of activities: setting goals, generating ideas, organizing information, selecting appropriate language, making a draft, reading and reviewing it, then revising and editing. It is a complex process which neither easy nor spontaneous for many second language writers.
A process approach tries to provide useful support for the student writers. Of course, the nature of the support will depend on the kind of learners, for example their ages, background, and needs for writing in English. The primary aim of the process, therefore, is to help students to gain greater control over the cognitive strategies involved in composing. This reciprocally suggests a number of principles for the lecturer to incorporate into the teaching of writing.