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Reading; Theory and Practice

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Three factors have been agreed to be dominant factors to make success or failure in learning to read, that is, the learners (students), the materials, and the teacher. This book deals with some reading theories and the description of reading process based on research dealing with the implementation of reading process. The theories of reading deal with the process of reading, such as bottom-up, top-down, and interactive. Other reading theories are also discussed. The cognitive process of reading is presented to complement the theory of reading. Cognition is an intelligent process and the product of mind. This includes high mental process type of psychological entities. The other part deals with the discussion of the concept of meaning in reading which is very important to understand the process of reading.
Other aspects are dealing with reading strategies and reading problems encountered by the students which are important for the students to support their reading skills. By having these concepts, it expected that the students realize potential problems when they read. Finally, it is hoped t that this book can give benefit especially for students who studying in teachers’ training faculties.