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States’ Choice of Strategies

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Countries and relationships are changing. States are now more exposed to myriad of regional strategic problems than before. It was during such process that many witnessed the emergence of many strategies from the states on how they attempt to address effectively the new strategic issues. The choices states make depend on both preferences and the strategic environment. This book, which consist of articles written between mid 1990s and 2013, covers a wide range of international relations and national issues and should be read in the context of the date of publication of the articles.
The book is a personal reflection of the author on many aspects of national, regional and global issues and their strategic linkages, and portrays the many angles of interaction between states and the choices they made in a given period of time. It has four major objectives: (1) to discuss and portray salient national, regional and global issues occuring at certain period of time and how the issues were addressed by the states; (2) to analyse and assess the implications of the issues on the states’ foreign relations and security; (3) to introduce to the readers some key concepts used in the international relations field; and (4) to analyse and assess strategic linkages between national, regional and global issues.