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Tourism in Words; Vocabulary and English for Hospitality Industry

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This book is designed to build and enrich the readers’ vocabulary and language knowledge in hospitality industry. In general, the book is divided into three parts. The first part deals with strategies in building vocabulary in general. The second part contains the vocabulary in tourism area. The lessons in this part are broken down into smaller fields such as holiday types and trends, travel, airport and immigration, at the hotel and restaurant. The materials and exercises in each lesson are designed to get the readers familiar with the basic glossary of terms in the fields, how they are used in contexts, as well as providing experience to know and use an electronic or online dictionary. Last but not least, the third part focuses on procedures in handling guests at the hotel especially the language functions and expressions used at the reservation, reception, and telephone operator. In short, the topic in this book will greatly improve the readers’ vocabulary building and language skills to help them perform better either in the classrooms (in courses in higher levels), at work particularly when they have on the job training program, and in the community.